Thoughts on Casey Anthony

This issue is something that’s on my mind, the case of the missing Caylee Anthony.  I’m hoping that with all the people searching, and all the news coverage that they may find the remainsof the little now 3 yearold.  The mother, Casey Anthony “created” yet another story to explain away the fact that her little child is not only missing, but is feared dead!

It is unfortunate that in a society that is educated, has wealth in more ways than just money, and is a nation of givers, things like this case could exist.

The evidence is slowly catching up with Casey Anthony. I feel for the granparents whom love their daughter and their granddaughter are caught in the net of a nightmare. Full knowing deep in their own hearts that their daughter Casey has everything to do with the demise of their granchild.

I reflect on the small little life that she did have while she was here on earth. And continue to reflect that she is resting comfortably in the arms of God. Taken way too soon she must have been neeeded.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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