America, My Beautiful!

Today is September 11, 2008 a day that has produced somber and sorrowful day events history. Do you have your flag proudly displayed? I do and if you do not can you leave your computer to go fly one now?  Thank you.

Let us not forget. I was watching a particluar news program this morning when the question was posed Do you feel safer now, and do you feel that your government has helped you in this effort? Do you know the majority of people stated that they did not feel safer that pre-9/11! I was astounded, because just the awareness factor should help us to be vigilant on things. We had the attitude in America that things like that just didn’t happen to us. I think that having knowledge alone is a great tool. To educate is to be successful. I do not think that the FED could do anything else to save us from an attack of a tiny nature, however, an attack that happened like 9/11, I do not think could possibly ever happen again, we are all too collectively aware as well as governments all around the world.  What do you think?

Mary Caliendo, Conversational Tone


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