Big Z and his No-No !!

Hey all you baseball fans out there, Carlos Zambrano pitched his first No-No!  Yes, Yes ! A great milestone for a pitcher that has been known to have a somewhat short fuse. We have witnessed big Z in the dugout on countless occasions, throwing things around, swearing, and slamming things down.  Tisk, Tisk Big Z that’s not nice!  I know that you can’t tell that I am the worlds’ greatest Cubs fan around! I am so happy they are doing well this year. And now with Zambrano and his no-no, the best around in the league. Here’s to hoping that Big Z will be ever so humble as now he knows so many look up to him now. And kids are now idolizing him. I was once sitting by a dugout on my sons travel team and we were in Ohmaha and I could not believe that the kids on the oposing side were swearing, and throwing things around, similar to what they saw on TV. It has become an accepted practice. As long as the kid does not throw something out onto the field or throws his helmet in disgust on the field, the umps can’t kick them out of the game!  We Will see. Here’s to hoping we will never ever see Big Z through another punch at a teammate again, and try to set an example for the young leaguers who are watching him.  

Signed, The greatest Cubs fan ever!

Mary Caliendo


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