Getting Fed-Up with Casey Anthony

I know that others must be as fed up with Casey Anthony as I am! Upon watching Nancy Grace last night I found myself getting slightly peterbed at the fact that this young girl appears so smug. So nochalant regarding her missing daughter. So less than worry in her voice. Never hearing a quiver or tears welling or a throat that is tightening and hearing in the voice saddness as she weeps! But nothing. Just coldness and matter of fact. I am hoping that there is some break in the case soon. Like some piece of evidence surfaces, or a person who suddenly thought of a small tidbit of information that they had forgotten and now it makes sense to them. Here’s to really praying that some mysterious person does have her and has a change of heart and lets her go somewhere. In the pit of my stomach I really do not think that the child is alive and I feel Casey knows what she should be saying, and this constant liar I hope that she is will forget what she had said from day to day and by accident gives away a piece of very important information.

Whatever may happen I sure hope that it happens soon, and hopefully relinquish the parents of Casey(Cindy and George) from the severe anquish this daughter has inflicted upon them, and that they will find closure and a very good therapist that will help them to ease their guilt and pain.

I hope that this case will be over soon, and that even we, as all news watchers will be able to get on with our lives.

Just my thoughts, Just my opinion

and always in Conversational Tone

Mary Caliendo


One response to “Getting Fed-Up with Casey Anthony

  1. You are speaking for all of us, Mary. ‘Just coldness and matter of fact’ is all that she seems capable of, and most of us have concluded that she is probably a sociopath, if not a psychopath.

    Maybe Casey will make a difference in our society by raising consciousness of this type of mental illness. Maybe more people will now be diagnosed and more research may get done toward finding ways of treating these people.

    Also, maybe some of the social influences at work will be identified. I do believe that it is a ‘hardware’ problem so to speak. But environmental factors can always worsen any mental problem, and I am convinced that there ways we can reduce the risk…

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