Lindsey on Politics?

I have to say one thing, Yikes! Oh no please say it ain’t so! This is almost excruciating to think that this young girl who can barely keep her own life straight what with drugs and alcohol, would be advising the public (on her blog no less, a possible Rosie wanna-be?) about all things political. OMG, she has the ups and downs with her parents, and they are also not the kind of people I want advising either,I think she should stay out of things. Perhaps  the stars, (or notables as I call them) do not realize that there are quite a few bloggers in this world and people do shut up and listen when we talk. However, when you put fingers to key board, it better be good.

I think the stars (notables)feed on just wanting to be the center of the universe, the shining spotlight on her at all times. I am glad that Senator Barak Obama turned her down, it was best for his campaign.

I also want to just have my 2c in on Matt Damon, some people think that the stars(notable) should say what they want to anytime. In Matt’s case it was nothing profound really and I thought it most likely did more harm than not. I like Matt Damon, but  I thought that he was a bit more astute than that, now I ‘ve never based my movie attendance on which way Matt Damon votes, but now since he brought things to the forefront people may secretly consider his politics when casting for a role,or choosing not to see his films.

 Now onto P. Diddy wow! That was some stupid *&*t, and I’m sorry you said that. Oh no that’s right you were supposed to say sorry for acting like a twelve year old. And basicly wasting all of our time.

Well I think that about covers the newest noteables to the blogging genre. P.S. I think I might consider listening to Paris Hilton the very next she has political fodder written for her. Now that’s Hot!

Just my thoughts, Just my opinion, and always in a


Mary Caliendo


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