Once Again, Casey Anthony

This blog is not an official rant about the Anthony Case blog, but AS The World Turns once again. What can I say, the story continues to grab hold of the heartstrings and tug pretty hard. You would have to be dead not to respond to the daily tracking of what is being released to the media. whether it’s you and your office comrades standing around the water cooler, or gossips girls on the phone; we are compelled.

Casey Anthony and the pictures of the fiance, as Caylee was born, as seen on Nancy Grace were a scene out of everyones’ front room. Christmas tree in the background, everyone relaxing on the couch, and there is Casey Anthony in blond, smiling, and enjoying what looks like family time for the later would-be stripper pole dancer. Sadness strikes however, when the young laddie is told after paternity test oops yo no the daddy! Sorry my bad!  I felt awful as anyone who has a son could know that this type thing happens all too often. Hopefully as we watched the very christian sounding father of a son who wants to do the right thing. I say good for you to have raised such a great person as your son.

And all while vested hearts are on the sleeves of the once boyfriend, they continue to have hopes that Caylee will be found and that this is just a nightmare. It is shocking to have once known someone who you thought that you knew deeply and that person is not the person you knew. Something happened, or was just “expanding”. When the guilty get trapped, they scratch, lie, cheat, and steal to save themselves. It looks as if Casey Anthony’s world was closing in on her. All the lies were finally catching up. We hope for the greatest outcome of all(the girl is found smiling, happy, and was just visiting someone somewhere).

I will continue to monitor this case, and blog on it as the changes happen. Just my thoughts, just my opinion and always in a  conversationalTone, Mary Caliendo


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