What’s Your View?

So jumping into the political arena from time to time, I was watching the news and the comment was made that people will actually make up their voting minds by what the women on The View say.

I think that I was somewhat surprised that the evening news would make such a claim, and then I was thinking that some women may actually feel so comfortable with watching The View, they  may summarize their familiarity with a candidate that way. I am mad at the people with whom would draw their conclusion based on the opinions (even though they are somewhat diverse) on the ladies of the view. They are so many resources out there to familiarize ourselves with. How about watching a debate? I have watched The View  on many occasions, and have enjoyed the show. The women have great opinions and it is a lively show. I, however, would never base all of my political judgements on any show.

Hopefully you all agree with me that this is quite the non-issue and that perhaps the evening news should find other ways to pique our interests as well as supply us with unbiased political fodder. Our nation is suffering and we need smart, and savvy individuals to get up and raise up the consciousness of this country. Oh Bill Mahar where art thou??

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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