Letterman/McCain Bash?

Hey don’t you just love David Letterman? I usually watch Dave as opposed to Leno anymore. Jay does funny sketches, but I think by monologue standards Daves’ got one on him. And so it goes without saying that Dave and his funny quirkiness has been part of the reason that many may watch. He tends to use his show to showcase all of the candidates, as he has done in the past. But I would say that two night s ago Dave truly lost his mind! He was funny out of the box, but then he continued to, pardon the expression, beat a dead horse. And that resulted in the not too funny unplanned jokes. McCain called to say that he was not attending the show as his attention was to help to take care of a current crisis in America. The financial and banking systems as we all know are slowly going belly-up and finally this has brought together a round table meeting to perhaps lay down some law, so us little people won’t take it any harder in the #@*!

So apparently Dave caught a glimpse of him on another news interview show, and he said hey, uh, did you forget that I invited you to my show? Dave was more than furious, he took this personally. And then the bevy of one-liners continued, and one was worse than the other. He kept beating the dead horse! So not his greatest performance by far. And actually I did tune out. Sorry Dave better luck next time. It was only a little bit better watching you ogle over Paris!  

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone


One response to “Letterman/McCain Bash?

  1. it seems as though he is giving mccain a second chance…

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