Casey Anthony Drugs and Sex ?

Was the child of Casey Anthony cramping her style? With the release of the 600 pages of interveiws, and investigation released in this case, brings to life the torrid (possible) lifestyle of a little girl lost.

A check of her computer and one will definately think that Casey Anthony was trying to break into the business of beind a paid call girl or at least that of an escort. As her child went missing Casey was hugging a pole and grinding with her gal pal pole shagger. She was having herself a blast, while giving everyone a show.  Shame, shame on you Casey!

It appears that even her mother knew for some time and even proposed to her daughter that she would officially adopt little Caylee, and when Casey was ready to be mommie she could have her back. Why oh why didn’t she just take that route. And even though Cindy Anthony may seem stupid (as some have said), or niave. I think in the end she was smart to finally take a stance. I think in this juncture of time she feels like this could be all her fault. If she reads this I would say to her, Cindy we all try to raise our children and give them a foundation on which to stand. We also give support to them for as long as we can stand it. When children are stealing our money, others money, and generally wreaking havoc all around, as well as taking drugs it’s time to pull the rug out from under them. Put our foot down and hope for the best. Casey was commiting criminal acts; nothing good ole mom and pop can do now.

No one would have been able to stop this fool of a girl who would laugh at her stupid behavior (hot body contest), when she would have grown older and looked back at it and would’ve said What was I thinking?? But Casey took it many steps further. Something has happened to little Caylee and mommie dearest was with her last.

This socio/psycho/ pathologic liar will  be caught in her web of lies one day. I’m hoping it will be sooner than later. But the day will come when little Susie-Q will trip as her mouth will ramble on in the breeze and out will spill the answers . And then Casey will add pretty new silver bracelets to her collection.

I hope that this will end soon, so that we can all free up our lives. If I was sitting with Casey I would tell her to give it up, she will feel better when she can finally tell the truth. It will set her free. Caylee deserves that much.

She had to love her that much……

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Casey Anthony Drugs and Sex ?

  1. One of these days I will stop reading all of the Anthony stuff and figure out how to post my own blog. I am listed as one of her friends on her facebook page and I can read the comments there.

    Last night she logged on facebook during the vigil (how heart breaking is that) to chat it up with her over 700 supporters. Casey, shouldn’t you have been praying????.

    This morning she had a message on there saying, “Casey Marie Anthony
    is asking everyone to read my posted item!!!!!!7 hours ago”.

    Here are the two messages that she put there and thought it so important for people to see.

    1. “Casey Marie Anthony’s Notes

    Craig are you bipolar…… or is it because i won’t talk to you.
    Today at 2:14am
    tonight i received the following im’s from one very bipolar individual he is very scared of rejection….


    i’ve been following the case, just wanted to say good luck, im on your side

    are you there?

    I really wish you would talk, so i know that you are actually different from what all the news and other media talk about. but if you can’t give a supporter the light of the day, maybe im wrong.

    should i care what u think ..really?

    it depends how you look at it

    maybe you’re right, one person doesn’t matter.

    and im not even here to talk about anything like that, i’d rather get to know you for who you really are, regardless of the situation. im very nice though, and who knows, maybe one person can make your day, or put a smile on your face.

    well im heading off, i have classes tomorrow. sorry for going out of my way to help you.excuse my optimism, i don’t know what i was thinking. your attitude alone on here answers all of my questions. I must’ve mistaken you for someone else.

    i’m suprised it happened so fast, it only took me five minutes and five words from you, to figure out who you really are. im inviting you to correct me if im wrong.

    tell me you aren’t the spiteful bitch everyone claims. i know you aren’t. tell me, im begging you. don’t treat me as a normal supporter. ive been watching this since day one, and im on your side. why the fuck would you not want to talk about dissing nancy grace with me lol honestly

    you know what, fuck everything i said before. i take it all back. most people would tell you to burn in hell, but there is no hell ,hell is now. and i hope the rest of your life burns away, every lie you’ve made, every person you’ve murdered mentally and physically, will all shine above even your greatest features.

    I’ll leave you with one quote, not because i know you dont care, but because i know you are reading all of this. subconsciously you are thinking about it, every word.

    “There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn” -Albert Camus, might want to look him up.

    Karma is a bitch. I’ll be watching it burn on your face after every court date you have, every day we see you in jail”

    2. “Casey Marie Anthony’s Notes

    Nancy has always over done it…….read carefully
    Today at 2:02am
    The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[6]

    In 1997, the court was more severe. Although its unanimous decision overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife was caused primarily by other issues, the court made note of Grace’s court actions, citing “inappropriate and illegal conduct in the course of the trial.”

    Her opening statement in the case promised the jury evidence of physical abuse that she had to know would never be admissible because that entire aspect of the case had already been excluded by the judge.
    Subpoenas that contained hearing dates Grace knew to be false.
    Failure to disclose a full witness list to the defense in a timely fashion.
    Showing a chart during closing arguments that falsely stated a defense expert had not contradicted the state’s case on a key issue.
    Also, during closing argument, “vouching” for the case by telling the jury she herself believed Carr to be guilty.
    And finally, performing two illegal searches of Carr’s house, including one during which she was accompanied by a CNN camera crew.
    While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”[7] Carr was freed in 2004 when The Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him.

    Other courts have criticized Grace’s conduct even while upholding convictions in her cases. In a 2005 opinion, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens. She failed to turn over evidence that pointed to other suspects to his defense. The court noted that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly” elicit false testimony from a police investigator that there were no other suspects despite strong evidence to the contrary”

    I could not began to understand what is in her head but as is typical, that makes no sense to me. It just seems like she is combative and now we know she is watching NG show.

    John BTW here is a screen shot of her on facebook with my little time stamp.

  2. Good post. In my recent blog there are excerpts from a conversation that I had with her on Facebook. It is pretty creepy.
    Unfortunately, it seems as though it is going to be quite some time before she cracks. There seems to be no concience nagging at her. Just as a sociopath, it appears as though she has already created a new world that Caylee is not nor was a part of…

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