Nancy Grace Haters?

A few commenters have cited their personal reasonings behind the dislike of Nancy Grace. I want to take my hat off to her, her staff, and the formatt in which she proceeds. Her show sets presidence each day. Her staff does a great job with the in-depth reporting done, and of course there is always the tributes to our fallen heros; and that is special.

For the comments on her behavior when she was a lawyer, well all I can say is each lawyer goes to the ends of the earth to vie for her client. Lawyers have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. The top super-lawyers of the world got that by knowing the ins and outs, and pulling them in the court of law. While I am no lawyer myself, I have been seated on many a jury and find it completely interesting. Observing the trickry is fun and it is part of what makes the lawyer good. The fact that Namcy Grace tried to get pieces of information introduced and was turned down in certain cases in the middle of the court room. And then info. was stricken from the records. Well everyone just heard it no matter what, right? Just part of the tricks!

I can hear the raw emotion in her voice, I see the emotions on her face and that makes me believe she is a real and feeling person. This kind of thing will make me tune in time and time again! I think she does make a difference in this world by bringing to light some the most important cases of all time. 

I am thankful to tune into Nancy Grace and hear the latest. It keeps me on my toes and gives me another reason to blog away. So even though sometimes we may be tired of hearing about “the twins”, She (Nancy) is real and the reporting edgy and sometimes raw, but it takes an important place in our society. So stop the hating, and get into relating….

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Nancy Grace Haters?

  1. You are an idiotic, mid-west rube if you believe anything that comes out of Nancy Grace’s mouth.

  2. swordsfor500, hey dude thanks for stopping by and cruising in the archival section…really do you think it would be responsible for me to only rely on Nancy Grace as my only source of news? I am a news junkie and take bits and pieces from everyone and anyone’s news sources. Nancy Grace is a show, but she definately is in the forefront of the arena and is highly connected with CNN. you must admit that her show creates the furver in which everyone hinges on—-look you must have seen her show yourself?
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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