Chicago Cubs, The Fat Lady Sings

 I sit and ponder the wonderous “North-side” boys of summer and their fabulous winning season and record. The sounds of the ball connecting with the bat and flying into the stands for yet another long ball home run, tears of blue stream down my face!

The team could not do it, they didn’t pull through; we did not win a world series and whats more we(Cubs Fans) did not make it out of playoffs round one! Ugh!  The wise always say: If it seems to good to be true, it is! Yeah well it was.

It sure felt good to have the feeling for awhile there that we had the winner right here, in our midst. Dreaming of the headlines stating that the Cubs were just too hard to beat! That these guys would not give up and that they were relentless.The streets would be jam-packed and full with fans. The hometown boys riding in a ticker-tape parade, like the other Chicago teams of near past, The Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, and last but not least the dynasty winning Chicago Bulls. Gosh, how exciting that could have all been. Well we can bleed blue forever and still go on. I will.

The revamped Bears and now the revamped Chicago Black Hawks Hockey will pack the house and bring home the Superbowl and Stanley Cup respectively, right?

We can always hope. Good Luck fans of baseball and other, I’ll still watch next year until the fat lady sings!

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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