OJ, Where’s The Bronco Now?

Last night CNN had breaking news; The jury went into a long, long deliberation and it was time to come to verdict.

Guilty on all counts!

The wheels of justice have turned. Long some have waited to hear the possibility of OJ in prison, although not for the most horrific of crimes, as we all know. He is currently 61 years old and even if this judge hands him the lightest of all the sentences she can give, it will lead him to a possible twenty years without parole! You do the math, he’ll be very old…..the other just puts him in for life across the board.

So for all of us now and those in the other affected families, who have fought for justice for a long time against him. May smile and get some sort of satisfaction as he put himself there! God giveth and God also taketh away!! Oh OJ, where’s your bronco now?

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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