Casey Anthony Cooking Up Another Scheme?

Poor, poor Casey Anthony what will you do? The child is still missing, you’re still  telling lies, the situation the same,  Said Casey Oh what, Oh what shall I do?  I know I’ve got it- lie again! Perhaps if the cops let me go galiventing, oops I might even stumble upon a clue, and I might even be deemed the hero for helping find the clue to lead them to my daughter! He-He snicker,snicker! I’m a genius!

Sound crazy? Sound far-fetched? Yes it does to us, But to Casey who wants to be the center of the universe maybe not so much of a stretch!  The cops know she is whacked, but lets see how this will play out. Maybe she tripped on something she said, and she figures this might be a way to throw them off course again. She is smug, she is unbelievable cold and callous, and no one out there feels sorry for her (I hope). Especially now as she suddenly is asking to go on search teams with the cops. She is trying desperately to find out the evidence so she can make her next crazy move. Good Luck Casey try to wriggle out, see if you can. The cops are playing your game!

Tax payers who’s footing this outrageous bill? Everyone should be protesting!

Another day, another scheme. A day in the life of Casey Anthony!

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


5 responses to “Casey Anthony Cooking Up Another Scheme?

  1. You are ever so correct. You know there is a mental sickness called Munchausen Syndrome. It’s where you do harm to people on purpose so you can basically be their hero, or save the day. It’s a narcissistic mental disorder. Named after one Baron Munchausen. It’s all about being the center of attention. I am soooo sick of this woman and her shenanigans…she needs to be put in the nuthouse until she goes to court. That’s really where she needs to be…

  2. sportshandicapper

    I think she and her lawyer/PR firm were stupid not to file this sooner. If they didn’t file something like this at all, the prosecution would be saying at her trial that she never, ever once did anything to look for Caylee. Now she can at least try to claim, “I really, really wanted to look, and I probably could’ve found her too, except the mean judge and the mean prosecutor refused to even let me go look. Boo hoo. I miss Caylee so much. I did nothing wrong.”

    I kinda hope the prosecution calls her lawyer’s bluff and asks the judge to agree to go along with this stunt. It couldn’t hurt to let her go out looking. As long as the detectives are with her. I’d be curious where she would lead them. Detectives want any time they can get with a murder suspect. She could slip up somehow and give away a clue or say or do something incriminating that could be used against her later.

  3. Sportshandicapper,
    I agree with you lets see what the prosecution do es, and how they play this. My hope is that she has stumbled and now is trying to throw them off, the cops are smarter than her I hope. The next few days ought to be very interesting.
    Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  4. What could she possibly offer at this point? Who would believe one word she said.. Just a thought: With this new evidence ( not new to the authorities) disclosed about the woman who saw a car matching the description and a woman coming out of the woods wearing a baseball cap: Maybe she knows that they could be closing in on where that baby is and wants to “help” so she can svert their attention in another direction… Isn’t it odd that a car just like hers would be in a remote area and yet her cellphone pinged right around there…hmmm

  5. Halfpint42592
    I don’t think Casey Anthony has anything to add, I do think that the police are closing in on her and she is trying to creat a diversion. I think that it is not a coincidence that someone saw a woman meeting her description in the area of her cell phone pings. Let’s see how this plays out, it will be interesting!
    Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone
    Mary Caliendo

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