Casey Anthony Charged with Homocide

The police are moving forward in the Casey Anthony case. Have they got enough?

Without the body of little Calley or not placing Casey Anthony directly at the scene; it becomes  a circumstantial case. Can they make it stick? While I am no lawyer, I think once they bring this to trial and go forward with said case, if she is not found guilty she will walk completely free. And then I believe that she cannot be tried again or risk double jeopardy.  I think they (the prosecution team) should take a painstakingly long time examining everything. I realize what we have heard from the TV, and news that there is enough damming evidence to put anyone away. However, I am hoping that Mr. Baez (Casey’s lawyer) does not find some fluky loophole that the squirmy little fish Casey can swim right through.

I hope the end is near for Casey Anthony and her awful cold-blooded heart and smug self wind up checking  in to the nearest  women’s prison! I cannot wait for the day. I hope that the prosecution has an ace in the hole waiting to throw it on the table and seal her fate forever.

Lets see what will play out in the next upcoming weeks. Anything can happen. Who knows maybe Drew Peterson will befriend her and teach other ways to be slimy.

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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