Casey Anthony, Your Time Has Come

The time line can be created, the possible motive begins to emerge; and honey it looks like Orange County is not playing around!

Equusearch is here. Mr. Tim Miller and his wife came up with this group as a way to fight back in the loss of their daughter. Their daughter was murdered, and they became victims, and their daughter became a sad statistic. Now the team is here and they will leave no stone unturned! They begin in the areas in and around the Orlando International Airport. In response to cell phone pings, that were concentrated in that area on the day that cops have in question. Mr. Miller and his team does everything for free and their mission here is strong. Their desire to bring Caylee home for burial is tantamount.

It appears that Casey Anthony exhibited behaviors that are typical of a criminal who has just committed a criminal act. A horrifying act. It is the act of celebration after! Thank you Target for those cameras! Keep them rolling you’ll never know exactly who, or what they may catch on them! I know that I will shop ten times more there for just knowing that I will be seen there if I go missing!!! God forbid!

I thought it quite ironic as she ripped off her best friend and bought that “82” t-shirt (caught on tape), then we later see her in it as she is escorted off to jail in cuffs alongside her lawyer Jose Baez! Ooops!

The state does not have to prove any motive whatsoever! Once a Grand Jury is brought into play, I believe, that the state is bringing a capital case. Murder 1. Lawyer Jose Baez was on TV telling everyone that he is refusing to let Casey speak before the Grand Jury as he thinks that the jury pool will be tainted, however, isn’t he tainting the jury pool by talking on TV.(Gosh, another correlation between Drew Peterson case, his lawyer was all over the place talking, and talking! Wow!)

Listen everyone, I think there is plenty more evidence out there that the general public is not privy to. What we already know and what has been reported on, I understand that this is quite enough to bring  charges!  The FBI lab has alot to go on already.  I hope that they continue to be dilligent with this case, and continue to be painstakingly careful with each and every piece of evidence. No one wants to hear that this or that was thrown out due to mishandling. Please no loopholes for the slime to ooze through!

Can you say cell phone and text addict?

I am still in shock that a person could possibly have 754 cell phone pings and in only a few hours. This was not in a month.  Who out there is so addicted?

Pray now for the recovery soon of a little angel who deserved so very much more than she received in her teeny tiny life. I feel she is in a better place, where she will be gently cared for and revered as special descendant of Earth where she will immediately get her wings. Smile Caylee as you are loved by so many.

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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