McCain Going Back on Letterman!

I have always liked Letterman. I think his monologue is much better than the jokes written by staff that Leno produces (he says he writes/adlibs most himself). Letterman I feel also is better at the interview process. Except when an exceptionally pretty woman graces Daves’ stage; he becomes flustered to say the least. One can tell that he gets ennamored with them (Paris, Charlez, Penelope, Gewneth, the list could go on…).

He takes things personally and as I had blogged earlier about having to turn Dave off the night that he kept going on and on about McCain canceling his show and appearing that same day with Katie Couric.

McCain is being given a second chance, he is scheduled to appear on Dave’s show on Thursday. I am sure that Dave will handle matters delicately. The McCain camp has said that with the crisis that day, and the bottom dropping out of the market, they thought it best that is was not a day for comedy. I agree that it might not have been a comedic day, but then it perhaps it was also a day that no interviews be taken at all!

I’ll be tuning in on Thursday, how about you? I’ll be willing to bet that Dave Letterman and John McCain will be best of friends by then and I hope that it will be a great show.

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


One response to “McCain Going Back on Letterman!

  1. letterman is actually going to allow him back…

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