OJ is sad!

  What! I heard today on a news station that OJ is sad. He is after all segregated from the rest of the prison population. Uh, I am so sure that could be for his own protection. Duh! I also heard that he is in a teeny tiny little cell and that it measures only seven feet by fourteen feet. Well again what can we say? It is a prison not a mansion.  Again I heard on this particular show that the bars on the cell are called isolation bars, and can’t see through them well. OMG What can we say? I think for his protection once again.

Someone needs to remind OJ that he is being punished, he broke the laws again and was found to be guilty of a crime. No one need  to feel bad that OJ is behind bars. He belongs there and he is very lucky that he is receiving the treatment that he is. I am sure that there are many who would want to get at him. And for whatever the reason would be, the outcome could be bad for him.

He should thank his lucky stars. Maybe he could take up doodling on the walls, or maybe a great exercise would be thumb-twiddling! As mentioned before, no white bronco to whisk him away out of this one! I’m glad he’s sad. That makes me happy.

Just my thoughts,Just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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