Casey Anthony Indicted

At this point there may be up to seven counts against Casey Anthony!  Standing next to her attorney Jose Baez, she shed tears for herself and her fate! Crocodile tears.

She is supposed to turn herself in to the police in a couple of hours. This time she will not get out of jail. And only until Casey is arrested will the counts be released. The counts against her are currently sealed.

The Grand Jury has spoken and it looks like among the seven counts will be one of Capital murder.

The full evidence will also be released once the charges are made public and she turns herself in.

Update on the dress that was found yesturday, the search team that found the dress was part of an Equusearch team. They have sent this dress off to the FBI lab and with hopes, it is hers and perhaps has DNA on it too.

Thank goodness it finally has come to a head and now Casey is headed to spend a long time in jail. P.S. She is innocent until proven guilty.

More on this case as I get it!!!!!!!!

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


One response to “Casey Anthony Indicted

  1. I hope Casey Anthony gets to share a cell with Susan smith – they can discuss how great their lives are – now that they killed their kids and hurt so many people.
    What is with this world!

    Cindy Anthony needs to sit in jail next to Casey –

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