Casey Anthony Time to Think About Time

Your day is here! Yesterday you were under house-arrest while residing in your parents’ home.

Today Casey Anthony It’s time to think about your time. Your trial will begin and there will be only so much Jose Baez will be able to do. We have witnessed your behavior and it sure is squirrely!

In what would only have taken about one minute; No plea has been entered and no bond was given, and she will remain in protective custody for the next 30 days.

Casey Anthony was taken into custody yesterday afternoon after the Grand Jury had its say. It was thought she would turn herself in, however, that is not what transpired. Cindy Anthony was driving with Casey in the car, on a Florida Expressway when she stopped underneath a viaduct. Shortly thereafter, a grey Suv pulled up and Casey Anthony got out of her mother car and into the Suv. Thankfully the police had the mind to be tailing her, as they pulled up beside the grey Suv and whisked Casey Anthony out and arrested her there. Was she trying to make a get-a-way?

It is obvious to me that the police had their suspicions that she may run. Now she is in a protective custody situation, is it because the police think that they may thwart a suicide mission? I’m glad that the police are giving some forethought to the possibility that Casey Anthony would not be stable enough to face all that she has ahead of her.

I am hoping that once the trial begins; Casey will provide us with the answers to the questions we all have. Like where is that beautiful child?  Why did you do it? Since she had always taken the easy way out, one would’ve thought that she would have let her mother adopt out Caylee and just go party! I really wish she had.

I also hope that the defense will not plea an insanity-type defense. We can see that she is not insane, Casey is off-kilter but she is not insane! It even looks as it may have been somewhat premeditated. No insane person could have planned the next step.

A word about all the readers that have stopped by and the responses I have had; they have all been wonderful. I hope that you will continue to return as I continue to blog about this case.

Let’s see if the counts of 1st degree Murder, aggravated Child abuse,aggravated Manslaughter of a child,and 4 counts of false information to police will bring her to a place of confession, and then the forgiveness can begin.

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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