Casey Anthony Family Denial

After seeing Cindy Anthony on TV yesterday, it is obvious that the family is in a state of denial.  Cindy was on the Good Morning America show as she tried to dispel rumors.

As she spoke a sadness entered my heart as I watched her stoic facial expressions. In fact my heart began to ache so much for the entire family. Their loss is extreme. Their lives will never be the same.

The actions of Casey Anthony have turned their world upside down. At this point the family has stated that they continue to respond to sightings, and will continue to seek out answers to any evidence they can find.

At one point during the interview Cindy Anthony held up a Disney Mickey Mouse dress and said this is Caylee’s dress the one that was found out there is not hers! It may not be hers, but none the less it has been sent off to the lab for DNA.

I must say that I am somewhat relieved that the possibility exists that it may not be Caylee’s dress, and then on the other hand you have to ask yourself, how in the world did a cute little dress like that get there? And isn’t someone missing it? I know that if I or my daughter owned something like this I would wonder where it was and ask where, if I lost this, did it go?

I held hope that Caylee would show up somewhere, and someone would be arrested because it was found out that the person kidnapped her. But I think as time goes on, it is limited at best. With all of that evidence that the general public know now; it looks bleak.

If I could talk to Casey Anthony right now, I would tell her to please come clean with everything for her familys’ sake. Now coming the family will endure the trial and I know that this will be hard on them. So far Casey Anthony has been a hard child to raise. Her parents have put up with even criminal behavior from her(stealing money)! This trial may “kill” them. It will be hard to sit in the court room everyday and watch as the lawyers banter back and forth and know that at the end of all of this, that possibly she will go to jail for life, or even get the death penalty! This is a lot of stress for anyone.

I hope that this family is getting counseling, they have a long road ahead. And they will be drug further through the mud.

On a different note, yesterdays’ what looked like get-a-way, wasn’t! The exchange was made this way to evade the media! It was said that the media was following and harassing Casey Anthony and the family did not want them taking anymore pictures. So, the get-a-way wasn’t

Just my thoughts,Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
Mary Caliendo


3 responses to “Casey Anthony Family Denial

  1. Thank you, Miss Mary, for your beautiful sentiments! I, too, think the Anthonys are in denial to some extent. I think the idea of them conspiring to plan this is patent nonsense. They are suffering through a horrible ordeal and should be forgiven if they have not always kept up appearances …

    My theory on the disney dress—it was hanging in someone’s car when the window was rolled down and it flew out the window.

    Ok, ok, I know it’s fanciful, but it’s still at least as likely as the theory that it belonged to some other poor victim of violence, and a lot more fun…

  2. or some idiot realized HEY we have a dress just like that…lets throw it out there and see how everyone responds…People in that area know where they are searching…because the phone pings are public and you can even find a map with directions to the search area. I have a pretty good map (called Casey’s tracks) on my blog. It is at the bottom of the Anthony Sage Players….it shows you where everything and everybody’s houses are located and where they have and are searching.

  3. Monica, you are probably right. I had already thought about that, I know there are alot of “kooks” out there. And that due to the high volume of this case, I know that, that area is receiving visitors to the site from around the U.S. to just say they saw it! The dress will come back from the FBI lab as inconclusive for DNA.
    Thanks for your comment!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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