Barack SNL next?

Sarah Palin did well making fun of herself. In fact so many people tuned in that it broke all of the records for viewership in the past 14 years!

It looks like new breaking news today, that Barack is next to go on SNL!  Perhaps on November 1,2008 we will see him on SNL Saying that famous line “live from New York its Saturday Night”!

I wonder what  types of skits they’ll have him do? Will they actually make fun out of his heritage? That subject seems to be one that is a taboo one to use.  I hope they’ll use the fact that sometimes he likes to dance and they’ll play that one up?

I hope we will see him on the show it will be funny. I think that having Barack on so close to election that it can only help him.  Your thoughts?

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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