Casey Anthony No Longer Neglectful!

The state of Florida and the Orange County DA has dropped the charges of neglect against Casey Anthony. It only stands to reason that if the county is going forward with the murder charges against her the lesser charges of neglect would be dropped. It is not to say that she was/is not ever been neglectful, it is just that of course murder (as well as the other charges) trump the other charge. Now, however, Orange county is still going to prosecute on the check fraud charges, and the theft charges.

The evidence on the charges of the check fraud, and theft are well documented as the tape at the Target store caught her red-handed! It was comical to see her wearing some of the items she basically stole!

Getting back to the murder 1 charges; Casey sits behind bars for an entire week and has no familialvisitors. Only her lawyer came by. Jose Baez has hired a high profile attorney from the Miami area to represent Casey Anthony in the murder case because Jose Baez did not have enough trial experience.

We have all found out through several sources now that Casey Anthony has a bit of money in her prison account now, where she can buy cosmetics, foods, and other things other than her three square meals. It almost sounds like Casey Anthony is lounging around in pjs and reading books and enjoying quiet relax time with herself. Sounds like everyone’s dream!

I think that Casey will always remain in protective custody, I don’t think that she will ever make it to the general population. Prison, (yes, even in women’s prisons) have a separate set of rules. Those inmates who denigrate a child are always dealt with more harshly by their fellow inmates. It is the way of the prison system.  Not such a bad set of rules!

More evidence is slowly leaking out about the case. Theories are now starting to formulate as to why and to how it may have happened. I hope that Casey is starting to sweat. I hope that she is doing alot of thinking. I hope she is asking for forgiveness from her maker. I can only wish that for her mother and father, that they can all come to some reconciliation so all will be able to move on. I said it before and I will repeat this, Casey Anthony knows not what harm she has caused through her actions. She has made it so hard for her family. Their family name is a house-hold name now.

She selflessly and mericlessly destroyed the life of her little angel child, now slowly but surely she has begin to pick away at her mother and father. They still are telling themselves that Caylee is still alive and we know there is no hope. The proceedings in the future will but about “kill” them! If I were Cindy and George I would not be going on GMA anymore. I think I would stop trying to convince everyone around me that my granddaughter is not dead. I would spend a small bit of time trying to get a grip on the true story first!

Good Luck to Cindy and George. If you do ever go and visit Casey, ask her to confess.  There are (3) people already that have come forward and placed Anthony in the vicinity as well as seen her with shovel and signature hat.

Good riddance Casey! You are a piece of work! You are a  slimy, socio-pathologic liar and your days are numbered. I hope that Mr. Miller and Equusearch do recover Caylee so that your immediate family can have closure.

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Casey Anthony No Longer Neglectful!

  1. Good post, Miss Mary. I always like hearing from you.

    About the items for sale in the commissary; I know people are surprised at that. I had a relative in prison for some years, so I am familiar with the concept. It is a good thing to have the commissary for the inmates, because it can be used to provide some motivation or reinforcement for good behavior.
    Guys (or gals) who work a job in prison, working in the laundry, etc, earn a tiny wage. I don’t recall now how much it was, ten cents an hour?

    Enough for them to earn maybe twenty bucks a week, with which they can buy snacks, etc.

    Also, some prisons actually make money off of the inmates, or their families, by charging for such necessities as razors, toothpaste, etc. Or maybe I should say they recoup money from the inmates, since a very great sum is being spent to feed, clothe, and house these people…

    I’m not from Florida, so it may work a bit differently there, but the general idea is a good one. I’m not so sure I think it was a good idea to put a couple hundred dollars in Casey’s account, but time will tell.

    Miss Mary Caliendo, one tiny thing–I’m not sure what you meant by ‘desegregate a child’. I’m guessing it was a typo and meant neglect, molest, etc. Or is it some new slang term for, uh, hmmm, transporting to a better world???
    (desegregation meaning mostly busing kids to better schools, in my experience)
    Just curious…

  2. trensota, Thank you for visit and your kind words. And yes! I have another typo! Sorry. I have editied my article. I changed that word to denigrate (to treat as lacking in value). I don’t quite remember what my train of thought may have been. I found several “D” words that it could have been. degradation- act of reducing character, to disgrace, reduction of value. or maybe it was disregard- willful lack of care, to treat without regard or respect. I think all of those sound like Casey Anthony. Thanks!

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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