Casey,Cooking Up Some Chloroform?

Casey Anthony searching on-line for a special recipe.  A recipe to share for the upcoming holidays? One to share for a pot-luck dinner?  No way! Casey in her off-kilter way was looking for a recipe to make her life easier. To keep up with her conquests; leaving behind her “little snot-head” so she can go out and party! That’s more her speed. I am feeling so bad for the adorable little Caylee Anthony and Cindy and George Anthony. The grandparents want so much to believe that the granddaughter is still alive. At this point with the evidence mounting against Casey, the family can no longer deny that their granddaughter has met with foul play and that is their very flesh and blood that has caused this to happen. What an awful thing to have to face. Anyone would be in sheer denial. But as for myself, I certainly would not be out on different shows touting and talking up my daughter!

It seems such an unfair outcome for parents to bare, raise, and love their children; and their lives turn out the way that they do. We all try to instill the best in our offspring and do bare some responsibility in wondering what we could have done differently. One good thing to do would’ve to pass down that special cake recipe, or that special crock pot recipe and always having a heads-up on what they are doing no matter the age. One thing that I have personally learned is that once you are a parent, you are always a parent! You don’t stop being mother and father just because your kids grow up!  I’m not blaming the parents entirely for Casey Anthony’s actions; one could never know that a person could snap so easily or know that their judgement would be so impaired! But mothers and fathers should know if the behaviors of their child has changed in any way.

Since the family was living in somewhat close quarters, and possibly sharing the same computer, I would have wondered if chloroform popped up and to what was the reasoning behind the search would have been.

Too bad Casey wasn’t looking for a brownie recipe!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Casey,Cooking Up Some Chloroform?

  1. Miss Mary, I appreciate your reasonable attitude. One thing you said makes me curious; “mothers and fathers should know if the behaviors of their child has changed”…

    We know that the relationship between Cindy and Casey had recently gotten pretty rocky and that Cindy was actually thinking of kicking her out of the house. They argued over the check she stole from her grandfather, and charges she ran up on Cindy’s cards…

    Do we know if this behavior had only recently become much, much worse? I mean, did she always steal from family and friends, or in the past was it more just trivial stuff, pilfering…

    I ask because I know some mental illnesses have their onset in the twenties, such as schizophrenia, and I wonder if it would be something like that with Casey.

    Maybe her parents did see a change in her behavior, but hadn’t had time to figure it out, or even really decide on a course of action…

  2. trensota, We just don’t know if she (Casey) has/had a mental illness issue, or anything like that in her life thus far, and whether if she did, did the parents get treatment. In my state when you are (18) years old you are basically on your own, In other words drug treatments,mental illnesses, counceling things like that your children no longer have to listen to their parents requests and parents cannot make them attend any type of program, if the child does not want to. I simply would continue to try my level best to get them any help they may need. I would hope that if Casey exhibited strange or odd or out of character behavior that Cindy and George Anthony would have recognized this.

    I think that Casey seemed to be out of control for some time. It appeared to me earlier on that Cindy finally put her foot down and took a stance, and we are now witnessing the result!

    Perhaps some type of move should have been made sooner,or without telling Casey. Or even as mentioned she had “gotten away with “antisocial behaviors for a long time and her parents did nothing about it.

    I have regularly heard that bipolarism is often misdiagnosed as well. Some of her traits seem like they may lean toward this disease.

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

    I surely did not know what the answers are.

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