Drew Peterson Going on Today Show

Drew Peterson is celebrating! He’s celebrating by going on TV again! He is going to appear in a very short time on the Today morning show!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a pass.

It is extremely difficult for me to sit and watch a smug person trying hang out in the limelight again, especially since he is not a star, a writer, or even a person of some substance!

I say Boycot Drew Peterson on Today show!

Stacy Peterson will be missing one year, and Kathleen Savio a mysterious death! And who needs to be upfront and center? Drew, that’s who! The vigil will go on, and I’m glad right in front of his home!Could that really be why he got on the plane and skipped town?

It may be real mittigating factor. Most abusers need to have full control, and Stacy commands notice for be missing for one year, and Drew Peterson knows that people will think about him again and not in a good way!  Although I will not be watching this, I hope whomever interviews him, will grill him to death! And further more I hope he trips on his words. When will these two (Drew Peterson and his lawyer) figure out that the more he talks, the more we can gather from him.

I have often compared Drew Peterson with the off-kilter Casey Anthony, why? Because Drew Peterson goes from one conquest to the next, and well so did Casey! The second comparison is that they lie! Drew Peterson was found to have been deceptive on the questions that were asked of him on the polygraph machine on the subject of Stacy Peterson. And finally third, the person wants to be the center of the universe; again they both are so much alike.

Good luck Mr. Peterson, I hope that you’re feeling somewhat guilty over what has happened, maybe some remorse?  It appears that your days may be numbered just like Casey Anthony. I hope that when your day does come you’ll get set-up just like Casey. I mean with the cash on account, and the pretty picture window and all. After all you’re a star (in your own mind!)

Drew Peterson, Glasgow is coming to get you!

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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