Hudson Family Murders/Chicago Crime Problem

Although Mr. Balfour is the person of interest in this case, and is being held on a probation violation right now, the Chicago Police have not arrested him as of yet.  It has been theorized upon finding the suv the next day, that perhaps there was another person involved. It is just a rumor being circulated by word of mouth. Also breaking news as of last evening,police released finding some evidence in the brush near where the suv was found. Again, it was not released what it was that was found. But everyone thinks it could be the shooters gun. We all hold hope that it (evidence) will lead us to Mr. Balfour or another. This is such a tragedy of great magnitude. This is really tough for people to go through. I do not understand what can bring a person to do this, and exactly what was that person thinking when they looked into the eyes of that child?

In Chicago here of late and all through end of school year this past summer, it has been terrible here!

Chicago as a city has surpassed both New York City, and Los Angeles in the number of deaths (killings) for the year. It seems to me that we were once a very nice city to visit, on the list of top ten destinations in the world. Wow that was a great honor. I am sure at this point we are no longer on that list. It seems that the younger children are the ones who have topped out that record. The so called “gang” related shootings, and kids with guns making rash decisions.  We need to do something to get rid of the guns. Police Commissioner Jody Weiss has professed putting  more officers on  street patrol  in the neighborhoods and is asking everyone to take part in the reporting on those who keep secrets, and come forward with things that one has seen. Our numbers have never been higher.

Chicago has a gang and violence problem. We as a city need to take back our neighborhoods,keep the pressure on by having a known force there out on the streets. A force that can befriend those in the neighborhood and take the streets back at a grassroots level. Also by having made these relationships I feel that people in the neighborhood will be more apt to say they saw something if they knew that they were helping out and that they would not meet with reprisal in any way. The street is tough.

I am not sure how we are going to host the Olympics, I think that this may be one more nail in the coffin; with such high numbers I don’t think we stand a chnce!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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