Casey Ordering In!

Casey Anthony has been laying low of late. She was reading and only talking to her lawyer. No family visits at all.

Reports yesterday that Casey finally placed an order for “goodies” in the jail!  What kinds of things does a mommy dearest order? Well looks like just the staples such as lotion, toothpaste,shampoo and conditioner and  stuff like that. When one goes to prison one gives up your overnight bag, remember Paris did not even have one!

Any makeup items is so she will look pretty for the cameras in December; when she goes back to court.

Here’s hoping that Casey is doing some soul-searching amidst the reports of her and boyfriend going to the Blockbuster Video and renting horror movies that contain mothers offing their own children!!

Wow! That is something as police believe that Caylee Anthony was either in the trunk dead or possibly dieing while she was galaventing and playing kissy-face with the newest beau!  I can barely write this without shuttering, I don’t know what button in your mind and heart that one would have to turn off in order to do what we think she has done, but she is one piece of work!

I am axiously awaiting the day of her trial to begin so that her life can officially end the way her daughters’ did.  Let’s hope that justice will be swift and sweet so that us taxpayers may have some relief (if that is possible)!

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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