Casey Are You Insane?!

It has been fairly quiet of late, regarding the magnitude of this case! But as reported on Nancy Grace’s show, A so called leaked memo in writing by Jose Baez, stating or eluding  to something to  the effect of….that Caylee was killed by an unwitting overdose of sedatives. And that his client has mental issues including depression!    Wow!  What really should’ve been the title is that Jose are you insane? We all can gather that Casey is somewhat off-kilter, but insane she is not!  Trying for a different venue?? Could this help you out?  I think not. And one would have to go to a third-world country to honestly say that this case was unheard of! 

I do think however, that Jose Baez does have something up his sleeve as far as a legal strategy is concerned! According to our constitution she (Casey) does deserve a fair trial! I do not think that this story was “leaked out”, I think it was “put” out there! This case has bothered me from the beginning. Orange County is not playing around. I think that they are painstakingly taking their time to leave no stone unturned.

Shortly, we may hear of Attorney Terry Lenamon who appears to be seemingly absent from this case, and then the trail will begin.  As far as the forensic doctor who appears on the Nancy Grace show, and who is also on the payroll of the staff for the defense of Casey, I think that you are acting in conflict. Remember, though your words are not written, they have been taped. And tapes will provide a written transcripts of the spoken word.

All I can say is good luck Baez defense team. We are all watching and waiting to see your next real move! I’m praying that Caylee would be found first, before the trial begins, and the Jose Baez team will have to scramble.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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