Oprah And Her Mr. Man

On Tuesday, election night Barack Obama held his public rally in Grant Park in Chicago IL. With cameras on scanning the audience; scenes are etched in our minds. The sea of different colored people standing shoulder to shoulder, cheering, and crying, and waving flags. Flashes from cameras all over, and the TV  camera continues to scan the throng of people. We feel pride for our city and our adopted son is now the president elect! Several times the TV camera caught Chicagos’ elite. While tears stream down Rev. Jessie Jackson’s face, I am moved too. I see the genuine feelings worn proudly tonight on many a sleeve. We then see the camera pan again and it finds Oprah! She is dancing up and down with those around her. As it found her suddenly, it is gone again. Gosh I wanted the camera to stay on her, it was fun to see her dancing and caught up in the moment. It catches her again, this time she is leaning on the man in front of her, as the time went on, she is weeping and leaning further into his shoulder, again I am moved. I tingle with emotion as well.  I wondered who he was; when interviewed the next day, Oprah stated that he was just some stranger in the crowd and she publicly thanked him and called him “Mr. Man”. Well we have found out his name it is Mr. Sam Perry. He is a communications director and fund raiser for Barack Obama. Friday he will appear on Oprah’s show. It is said that he has been swamped with interview requests! The emotional and electric public gathering not only ushered in a new president, but perhaps lots of new friendships were spawned that evening as well. We can only wish! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a coversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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