Hudson Family Murderer-Going Free??!

It could happen!  C’mon Chi-town cops what is up?   Wow on Monday William Balfour who is a person of interest in the case of Jennifer Hudson family murders could go free!  It’s an awful thing to consider but simply put, if Mr. Balfour goes before his parole board on Monday and they feel that he has not been in violation of his parole he will simply WALK !  Balfour already had a 1999 conviction for attempted murder. He has not been charged with anything in relation to the Hudson murders, however, he is linked.  He told his current girlfriend that he was also involved. He has admitted that he was in the Hudson home on the morning that the family(Jennifer’s mother and brother) were murdered. Then finding the brother, Jason Hudson’s, SUV three days later with the kidnapped little Julian inside dead, well you draw your own conclusions.

It appears to me, that these people were all gunned down by one or more individuals who were so cold blooded that should never see the light of day. I said it once before and I will say it again, what must you be thinking when you look into the eyes of a seven year old just before you shoot him???!!!  What do you say to him?  What will you say to your maker?

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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