Van Der Sloot #1 Slime ball!

Guess who’s ugly mug appeared on the news again?   The ultimate of the slime ball hall-of-fame himself, Joran Van Der Sloot!  Does everyone remember him?  The Aruba case of the missing Natalee

Holloway; he was definitely involved in her death.  He was caught on tape admitting to killing her and then dumping her body into the sea. Unfortunately he did not wind up in jail. Although he was arrested and then rearrested in conjunction with the disappearance and probable death of Ms Holloway and nothing stuck and he was finally set free.  

On the TV yesterday, an undercover cop caught this slime ball on tape w/sound trying to recruit girls to dance and prostitute themselves in Thailand! Offering money and long hours of work, and describing the jobs that they would have to do for the money. Yes there it is, the Dutch authorities need to issue a warrant for his arrest. Which the report commented that the authorities have not done yet. This tape showing him involved in an active sex ring, will be enough to put him in anyone’s jail.

According to some, Mr. Van Der Sloot does not want to work, he wants to sit around and collect money from his dad. He lives a fast life and seems to be traveling only in the underworld activities.

The antisocial types of behaviors that slime balls are always involved in: sex, drugs, prostitution, and general mayhem. Joran Van Der Sloot is an awful excuse for a human being, and should be taken into custody ASAP, so he could not possibly be able to hurt, mame, or injure another human being; especially a woman. His father knows he has a trouble maker on his hands. I think that is why Van Der Sloot is able to keep disappearing off the radar. Slime has a way of filling in at all the cracks and crevices of the dark, ugly underbelly of the world.

P.S. Maybe this guys’ actually got one on OJ, Scott Peterson,and Drew Peterson, could that be even possible??

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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