Casey Anthony Case IS Whacky!!

Well, after taking in this afternoon’s news, I cannot wait to hear what Nancy Grace is going to say tonight! Okay Mr. Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter comes out of nowhere to bail Casey Anthony out of jail, then after spending some time with her and the rest of the Anthony family- wham he’s out of there! Says he can’t get anywhere with her; that Casey continues to lie and he and the family don’t see eye to eye. I assume then he believes that Caylee is gone. He now has been appearing on the Grace show as somewhat of a believable opinion. He adds seemingly an interesting side of the story as he was inside and we all were not.

As she changed her story, he pulled away from her. Now the authorities want him to submit to a polygraph. Why?  Is it because he picked up on something that they did not. He believed that she kept on mentioning the Jay Blanchard Park. This morning he hired a dive team and they did find a bag of toys weighted down with two bricks!!! You’ve got to be kidding! Quickly they were deemed not evidence! Meaning that they bore no relation to the case!  How can they judge that so quickly?  There was also spotted a child-like crafted cross that was hanging from one of the trees there. Mr. Padilla also felt he had seen that kind of cross in  her home. With Equusearch now gone, Padilla looks like he is the only one looking deeply!  Of course the family does not want them to keep going because they may be close. Why Jay Blanchard Park?  She has mentioned that park in her questioning, and also Casey and the Anthony family has been there picnicking many times.

The authorities think that Leonard Padilla may have his own agenda. Who cares? As long as he is not “planting” the evidence, who cares?  He is on a mission, let it be!

Mr. Padilla felt the need to further look. He felt his deductions may have been right, I don’t think he wants a circus, I think he’s trying to think like a criminal would think. Like Casey would think!

What could it hurt? Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


3 responses to “Casey Anthony Case IS Whacky!!

  1. wacky is an understatement in this Case.
    L.P. was the one who originally bailed Casey out, he
    thought he could help bringing Caylee home and believed she was alive. Right after he put up Casey’s Bond he got to know the real Casey and was not pleased. As a Bounty Hunter it wouldn’t take to long to figure out she was just playing a Game with him.
    Therefore he withdrew his Bond after she got arrested again.
    Now LP is on a Mission to find the Remains of
    little Caylee and bring her home. I don’t believe
    he wants to profit from Caylee, to me he seems to genuine care about this Case no matter what kind of Abuse he has to take from the Media, LE and the Anthony Family.
    We should be thankful there is a Person trying to do his Best to find Caylee and he is realistic
    to realize Caylee is not alive. As a Bounty Hunter I am sure he knows how to read a Person.
    Just my Opinion.

  2. Hilde, I am in agreeance with you. I am glad there are those people who volunteer to be there and do what they do. If my child was missing, I’d want someone out there looking for mine. Even if they get a book deal, or their face in the paper or in the news, who cares?
    I think he has only the interest at heart. I think that he has seen enough in his time and he did think he was on to something. More as updates happen.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. I meant to say I think he has only the best interest at heart. (I left out the word interest in the last post) Mary Caliendo

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