Padilla Agrees to Polygraph

Leonard Padilla and his group of divers are out there and at it again today. I say more power to him! I hope he finds Caylee. I pray someone does. The authorities have asked Mr. Padilla to take a polygraph test to see if he may have planted evidence. We assume that is what they are after. He has agreed to have the poly test. 

Mr. Padilla has been on the “inside” with Casey Anthony and may have picked up on things she has said. I know that the authorities would not want a bounty hunter to come in and solve their case for them. But why is it like that?  I truly believe that he is on the side of good things with just a touch of “I want to be famous”, if he uncovers what he thinks is something to do with Caylee or Casey Anthony, I hope that they take it into account. It seemed to me that a judgement was made at the scene to throw out the sack of toys that was weighted down with rocks or bricks!  Really who does that? It seems too odd that even a kid would not think to do that! When the local authorities came on the scene to witness the evidence found in the river; they dismissed it as not having anything to do with the case. Having no connection to Caylee. My child has a great many toys, from many stages of growth. It would take quite a while for me to figure out exactly what could be missing.

Going back to Mr. Tim Miller of Equusearch and the subsequent “banter” that happened on the Nancy Grace show, it is a shame that it happened. It appears that they are most definitely on the same page; they both want desperately to find Caylee. One wants to do it with more fanfare than the other, I think, is the only difference!

At least we know that both of these men and their groups of people have big hearts and are willing to whatever they can to attain their goal. Very much unlike mommie dearest Casey Anthony whom is heartless!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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