Dogfight Busted In Chicago

Thank you Chicago Police, and the Cook County Sheriff for staying with an investigation and busting, in the act, a dogfight in the Englewood neighborhood!

Thank you for staying with the month long investigation. It was said in an interview that the Sheriffs involved in this investigation were shocked upon finding the awful scene. “The ring” measured 10′ x 10′, and then dog were hung and dropped into the ring. When the sheriffs arrived one dog was completely cowering in a corner, and it was so injured that it could barely stand up! They took that one out on a stretcher.  Fifty people were in attendance to watch. And in this audience was a one woman and she was pregnant, a 13 year old boy, and a 15 year old boy!  It is an appalling thing to begin with, so why would someone bring their child or admit a child into this kind of world?!

Three men were charged with felony dogfighting. These were the people who put on the fight. They found other evidence, such as a tackle box filled with steroids,IV drip bags,syringes, amphetamines, and get this a staple gun, to repair a gaping cut on a dog so it could continue to go out and fight!

This is not okay to do, or attend. This is a desensitizing sport. If a society accepts this type of behavior, I think it only elevates to the next level. Of course to humans. I think that is most likely why their is such a lack of care for the next guy.  The ease into killing of humans.  The total desensitizing of our young children coming up. In this particular audience there were 2 children present. Obvious street smart type children, but even if they did not want to be there, can you imagine the sounds in there? How about the smell? This is similar to the kids that recently tapped themselves and put  it on youtube the kicking/football incident of the little kitty!   It is not funny to hurt animals, it is not funny to hurt people!

I struggled whether or not to write this post this morning. I felt compelled to write it in the end. My stomach is churing. My heart breaks as I think to myself,  Why? Why do they have to do this?  What is wrong with this world?

Then I think of Michael Vick, is he getting out soon? Maybe.  Maybe with the next set of charges- he will go right back in. I hope that those who looked up to him will realize the brutality of what is taking place. And the brutality that got him there to begin with.

Then suddenly I think of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, and the fact that he was gunned down at the age of seven, and I think what kind of monster does this?

Did these three guys look into the eyes of these dogs and say, I am sorry I am an animal! I doubt it!

Sad. So sad.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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