Casey Text Messages Blew It For Her!

Casey, Casey it is all coming together now. Oops you text so much, you screwed yourself!  Ha-Ha. You are caught telling people that your so called “mommie duties” were getting in the way of all your parties and your boy toys. Is this your motive?

Honey it looks like you did it!  You did it so good that you just may be forced to tell on yourself now. You went ahead and filed against Zenaida a defamation suit, and now you have to answer for it. You will have to give a deposition soon. The authorities have your time-line in place now. So you cannot lie. If you do I guess more time will be added.

Oh the tangled web Casey did weave!  It is so intricate she may get stuck trying to get out of it.  Poor Casey. Woe is you!!!

The latest hires for defense, Dr Lee (from OJ fame), I don’t place any credence in his words, he is working for the defense. And of course this means that he is being paid by the defense so his words are all biased. He is going to try to create the possibility of doubt.

Update on Padilla and his lie detector test. He claims he is not worried about the test. He claims that he thinks the cops want to test him because of the beads that were originally found by his people. He claimed that those beads matched identically with beads that were in Casey’s parents home where she was residing.

I sometimes hope that when I write a post, I am secretly hoping that the subject will actually read this blog. (Which now I know she is safely sequestered away), perhaps the other principal players in this deal will read this blog and all posts contained. Maybe guilt of some kind will set in and since she knows she’s looking at murder, perhaps she will spill her guts all over the place. Wishful thinking, right?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


6 responses to “Casey Text Messages Blew It For Her!

  1. Your NUTS get a clue before you blog! Bored with ignorance!

  2. kblackburn1,
    Thank you so much for visiting my site. Perhaps that you did not like they way that I put things. I can appreciate the other side of the coin, however, in this case, I have only wrote on what has been reported on by many services overnight. I try each day to not be ignorant. And I am sorry you are bored. Thanks again for your thoughts.

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. isn’t it great we all can voice our Opinions on these Blogs. We can agree to disagree and at the same time respect each others Opinion.
    If for any Reason we don’t like what is posted on one Blog, we have the Choice to move on to a different one.
    Mary, I believe You do a good Job with Your Blog,
    keep going.

  4. Dr. Lee will do his Best to discredit the Evidence
    LA has. He has done it in the OJ Trial.
    This time around I hope we will get a different Result than in the OJ Trial and the Truth will prevail and Caylee will get Justice in the End.

  5. I always read your blogs. As Hilde said if you don’t like the blog you move on. I am usually not logged in to leave a comment.

    I know many people were concerned when they found out Dr. Lee joined the defense. I personally am not worried. I think there is only so far he can go in this case without looking like a paid consultant. I think Casey will be found guilty of murder as she should be.

  6. Hide and stephanieb68, Thanks for hanging out with me for awhile! I agree this blog thing is a great way to communicate. Some timesI may put things a bit sarcasticly in my blogs, but when I sit down to write something I make sure that I look to as many sources as possible before I post it. I only put up things that I have seen, read, heard on radio news etc. I hope that a circus will not be created as now entering Dr. Lee (OJ famous) , may cause. I am hoping that all evidence will in place and that there will be no doubt. Dr Lee is being paid, and I know that the prosecution will highlight that. I am sure that decomp. of a body is slightly different than decomp. of pizza and frozen food containers as DR. Lee mentioned.
    We will see! Thanks ladies!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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