Cindy and George Anthony Press Conference Coming!

Nancy Grace and CNN taking a trip through the Anthony household. Showing Caylee’s room and the inside of their home.  Cindy and George Anthony are showing us their very, very normal life. (without the daily answering to sightings and dealing with the media and people outside their home) The pictures and the furnishings appear untouched and waiting an arrival of their little grandchild.

In showing their very normal life Cindy tells us how the very cold and callous Casey had to hug tightly a stuffed animal bear to go to sleep. Casey had a tough time sleeping in a room that was filled with pictures of Caylee. Cindy also told us that she would lay down with Casey to help her get to sleep. This could be an effort to let us know that somehow her daughter Casey is not the mean mommie dearest that we think she is. She wanted us to know, their daughter Casey had feelings. How ever strange we think they may be.

Word is that, the Anthony’s (Cindy and George), joined by their lawyer, and spokesperson from the organization Kid Finders will hold a press conference. They will explain why they have proof that their grandchild is still alive.  They are responding to a sighting in Gainsville  Florida.

We will wait to see what this press conference will say and what the outcome of this sighting will be.

The officials, investigators, and the FBI have the belief that Caylee is dead and will not be traveling the world over now responding to the alleged sightings. Mr. Tim Miller and Team Equusearch will be going back out to check areas that they have already checked. Although the group will be acting on a smaller level they will cover the areas again in depth. Use of psychics will be out there as well.

Cindy and George are claiming they are not in denial, that they are just hopeful. And have hope that their little grand daughter will soon be home. She mentioned that she will be going Christmas shopping for Caylee soon.

Such a sad and awful thing that this has become. I feel extreme saddness for all involved, and again I hope that there will be a resolution soon. I truly think that the Anthonys are slowly accepting things as time goes on and I personally feel they are searching for answers even if they are not what they want to hear now.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


29 responses to “Cindy and George Anthony Press Conference Coming!

  1. Mary, I too watched the show. They get sadder every day. I do not believe they will ever accept that Caylee is dead, unless a body is found. I am not very confident in that happening any longer. I believe her remains are gone, washed away or eaten by animals. This is the most tragic event I’ve ever known. All the while the family suffers, and Casey justs keeps the truth buried in her empty cold heart.

  2. friendlymom, I pray for resolution soon. I have heard of cases that have gone cold for years and someone has stumbled upon remains. Our DNA testing is very good now and hopes will be that even if they do find remains they will be identifable. What di you think about Nancy Grace bringing up the death of first husband of lawyer on that show? I think I’m blogging that next, I thought that was an awfully personal thing to air w/out permission and sad. I think/know that we all do grieve in different ways. There is no wrong or right. I am almost 50 and would love a hug from my mommie when I’m feeling down! How about you?
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. friedlymom I agree, C & G will never accept the Truth till they have 100 % Proof Caylee is dead until then they will keep on searching for a live Caylee against all Odds.
    Casey is the only one could stop their Agony by telling the Truth. As we all know that won’t happen.
    I am not sure I want to watch the Press Conference, it is sad to see C & G to believe Caylee can be found alive knowing that won’t happen.
    I can’t stand Casey for what she is doing to her Parents, it’s bad enough what she did with her own Child, but she also made her own Parents Victims of her Crime.

  4. How did you ladies like Cindy’s comment on all of them, her, George, Casey and Lee getting their tickets to heaven. She says because they haven’t done anything wrong. Blasphamy, isn’t that a sin???? Thou shalt not bear false witness……Thou shalt not steal…Thou shall honor thy mother and father……and finally….Thou shalt not kill. My, My, My……they had better get to repenting!!! I thought Nancy was most vicious, and might I add childish. I like her less and less each night, and I do not watch her as often as I used to. I am ashamed for her.

  5. Hilde, I think of myself in their place and I know that it would be hard to accept any of this thus far! I don’t know what myself and my husband would do in that situation! I really wish she had taken the other route of letting her mom and dad take care of Caylee while she went out. Casey’s parents have been victimized and their lives will never,ever be the same!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  6. Mary, I am 40, and I would give my right arm to hug my grandma once more. It has been 19 years now (the 13th of this month) and I still have a hard time, especially when I’m having problems. She was always my saftey net. 🙂

  7. I think Casey had used her parents much of the time for watching little Caylee. I don’t think they ever minded though. When Cindy lashed out at Casey over the stolen money, Casey left pissed. How dare her??? I believe, and have from the start, that she did it out of pure hateful spite. She was terribly jealous of Cindy’s closeness to perfect little Caylee. I will always feel this to be true.

  8. I also believe, Cindy, deep down feels some blame.

  9. Ladies, It’s always great to feel the comfort of loved ones. It has got to be hard to swallow that your own flesh and blood, that you have raised, and nurtured has gone so wrong! That her judgement was so impaired. My wish for them is closure quickly.
    I never go to sleep on any given night having any regrets whatsoever.
    I am judging Nancy Grace as she feels a certain level of frustation too. I am also hoping that she will publicly apologize, and as for that lawyer I most likely would not ever appear on that show again!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  10. Nor would I Mary. Nancy’s behavior was unacceptable. I too believe she should make a public apology.

  11. Mary, I also agree with none of us ever want to think that one of our children could ever do harm to another, let alone their own flesh and blood. I do feel for them, but they need to stop covering the lies. It is much of the reason that Casey has gone on like she has for all these years.

  12. I have said many times, and I’ll say it again. I would not speak ill of my child publicly, but at the same time, I would not be defending them publicly either. I would suffer privately, and save myself some shame in the horrific story.

  13. I believe they were being honest in the beginning. They were quite upset with Casey. However, when the “whole” story started to unfold, their concern for Casey over rode their concern for Caylee. I believe they know she is dead. I feel all their efforts are for show in hopes of creating doubt in the minds of any potential juror.

  14. I agree that lies should not be covered up, and I think the Anthony’s are showing that by not having much interaction with their daughter at this time they are saying that they do feel that she has done something and they know that it is bad. A sort of message to Casey and us.
    I hope that Nancy Grace will make ammends, I am kind of mad. It is obvious that she is an emotional human, and maybe she made a small mistake that could wind up being a big mistake in the end.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  15. How they can do it is beyond me. I love my children more than life, but I could not stand up for them if I knew they had harmed one of their own. Would I plead to have their life spared? Probably, they are still my child.

  16. I simply would not want them back on the street to hurt anyone else. I would feel it my duty to see that they were kept away from others and receive help.

  17. I too, agree with everything you have said. As a parent I would bear shame and guilt, and I would want to do that in a non public way. I think Cindy was on honest when everything first happened, and she could not take back what she had said. If I were them I would not be going on talk shows. It has been rumored that they are recieving payment for pics., and possible interviews. Maybe a book in the offing? I hope not.
    Just my thoughts,just my opinions,and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  18. I feel that Nancy has let her fame go to her head. Her ratings are bound to fall, if she continues to act like an a$$. I was actually embarrassed that someone with her level of intelligence would act in such a disgusting manner. She does this often. When she does not get the statement she is aiming for she thumbs her nose, interrupts, mimicks, and lashes out. That is not how responsible, stable adults behave.

  19. You wait and see. Less and less people will want to come on her show. Her days are numbered, if someone does not get her in control.

  20. I feel they are all covered in little Caylee’s blood, and they shall never wash clean. It will be a cold day in hell before I read their book, or watch their movie. I plan to boycott all things that profit from Caylee’s death. Shame on them.

  21. I think the media should put the lens caps on their cameras everytime they come around. They should be shunning them, and only speaking with those who are leading the case.

  22. friendlymom, I hope that she does get a handle on it. I do watch her show, and am a CNN junkie that’s how I come to watch her to begin with. Even reporters are human, we all say and do things that we shouldn’t and in her profession sometimes the edgy stuff sells, but rudeness and nasty to me just doesn’t. I am hoping for public apology, she gets herself invested in each case; maybe too much.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  23. No one wants to hear anymore of their lies and excuses. Have you noticed that everytime a story breaks with search efforts or possible evidence that Cindy runs to the media with another possible sighting claim??? It is so transparent. They must think the whole country is retarded.

  24. NG shocked me tonight with that hurtful and rude
    unprofessional Remark she made to make a Point.
    That Woman on the Panel deserves an Apology from NC. I agree with you about Casey harmed her little Girl out of Spite to hurt Cindy because of a Fight they had and jealousy of her own Daughter.
    Guilt on Behalf of Cindy is also present, she thinks if she only would have done something different,Caylee would be alive.
    It is and always has been from the Start Casey who
    committed the Crime against an innocent Child, her own Daughter Caylee, No one made her do it,
    she made that Decision all on her own, out of
    Selfishness and she still making her Parents pay to this Day by not telling them the Truth!
    Casey is such a selfish Coward.

  25. Hilde, well put. She is a selfish coward. I wonder if she has yet to put a picture of Caylee in her cell? I’ll bet she hasn’t. She can’t bear having little Caylee’s haunting eyes upon her.

  26. friendlymom, I am assuming that anyone (author) could actually write something, because of the public nature of this event. I do not know if there is a period of grace they must observe, maybe the case must be over. They can write anything they want to I think. I hope for their own sanity and peace in their heart and soul that they don’t. Writing is cathartic but to relive this nightmare they would be nuts.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  27. Hilde and friendlymom, Casey is very spiteful and jealous. It is even more shameful that it is with her mother.
    I have heard no report at this time regarding a picture in her cell at this time I think she has not put one up.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinion, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  28. there will be no Picture of Caylee in Casey’s Cell.
    Casey knows what she did, there is no way she wants to be reminded by looking at her little Girls Picture. Casey is more concerned about having a Lap top. I am sure she is pissed because she has no means of Communication, except Baez, she is probably bored with him by now.
    I am no Fan of the Anthony’s, but at least Cindy worked and she took care of little Caylee and loved that little Girl while Casey loafed around
    and shunned any kind of Responsibility.
    Well, that’s it for me tonight, going to Bed.
    Good Night!

  29. Hilde, yes I believe that George and Cindy loved Caylee very much.

    As I have said before; we strangers have all “adopted” little Caylee into our hearts and maybe with us all praying it will all end soon.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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