Hey Drew Have You Heard?!

State of IL lawmakers have passed a bill on Wednesday, 11/19/08. One very important bill that could help all domestic violence cases and gang activity cases. 

Will this play a role in the case involving Drew Peterson in his missing wife Stacy Peterson’s case?

(D-Joliet) Senator AJ Wihelmi sponsored and supported by Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow. House members approved this measure 109-0. It had earlier passed unanimously in the Senate on 11/12/08.

It will allow judges to admit hearsay evidencee in 1st degree murder trials if a prosecution can prove that a witness was murdered to prevent his/her  testimony.

After Stacy Peterson went missing at least one person has come forward and have told police that Stacy feared her husband Drew Peterson and how he killed his third wife Kathleen Savio. Mr. Glasgow has never elaborated on how this will or will not factor into his case against Drew Peterson, and although he came out officially and said he be resolving at least one of the cases. At this point Drew Peterson is listed as the lone suspect in Stacy’s disappearance. And there has been no movement as of yet on either of the cases of late.

Let us all hope that with this new law, Team Glasgow will snare Drew Peterson in a web of lies and the web of hearsay. She said and no matter where she is we can hear her!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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