19 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide on Internet!

I had not heard of the story until I read the post of fellow wordpress blogger. I am compelled to write something on this subject!  I will not mention the names of the boy, or the Internet web host site. I feel that by doing that or providing the link is only propagating the incident and even affecting the family in some way further.

Feeling, however, a great deal of sadness and in thinking of my own son, daughter, nieces and nephews, who are teenagers, it’s just horrible that this has happened.

The simple story goes like this: the boy wanted to commit suicide, is always in attendance on two particular sites that host live feed Internet, has been known as a joker, or often bully’s others, got on to his Internet feed on this site and stated point-blank that he was going to commit suicide on the air!

Apparently this young boy ingested a large amount of pills before getting on the Internet. Then he proceeded to stay on the Internet as he laid dying. While some did egg him on and urge him to do it; those who did thought that he was just pulling off another type of joke and did not believe him! Finally after a while with nothing much happening, one user began to think this was real and tried in vain to contact authorities. What was then witnessed is the police actually arriving on the scene and coming to computer and covering the camera. And finally disabling the computer!

The police arrived too late and the boys’ plan did go through!  It is so unfortunate that this has happened. My personal thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

The Internet has provided us with so many great things. The Internet is a place of connection, we can blog and we can explore our world. I am sure that no one would ever have thought that our computers, the Internet, and/or web sites could be used in this manner. I am sure that no one could have predicted that this would happen. Nor do I know how it could have been thwarted.

No matter what age our children are, parents need to stay vigilant with their kids. Even if children are no longer living under our roofs. Let’s make sure our kids know that we care about them. Let them know that they can talk to us at any time about any thing!  I know today when my older son comes home, he’ll get ready for work and be on his way to his job and will only be home a short time before he’s gone again; I need to give him a hug.

I want him to know I care about him and everything he is doing! And with tears in my eyes I await his arrival.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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