Cindy Anthony Withheld Evidence?!

Oh no she didn’t!  Oh local channel 9 out of Orlando broke a story today that alleges that Cindy Anthony did not give Caylee Anthonys’ hairbrush to authorities as requested. What she did turn over was Casey Anthony’s hair brush. It is a possible obstruction of Justice. In a federal case no warrant is needed.

This story is based on an e-mail provided by the familys’ spokesperson, Larry Garrison, whom said in an e-mail that he had written to Cindy Anthony stating something to the effect of… Cindy did you give investigators Caylees’ hair brush? Cindy Anthony responded by saying  something to the effect of…. I didn’t lie, I just never went to my bathroom to get the brush that I used only on Caylee. 

The fact is that channel nine says that the Anthonys’ have been stalling for weeks to answer questions that the investigators have been asking.

Cindy Anthony is a Nurse, she is well aware of what types of tests are out there and has knowledge of the human body and even decomposition. George Anthony is an ex-cop and also is well aware of the types of testing that is done in cases of this nature. And we all know from the very first day when the case broke that Cindy called 911 and even stated that something died in the damn car!  George is shown in taped conversation with the police that he was aware something had died in that trunk! He hoped to God that it was not his granddaughter.  He said once he smelled that smell it is a distinct smell and you would never forget it!

It appears that perhaps Caseys’ mom tried hard to help  by washing the clothes that smelled right away, and not being truthful now, and losing an attorney because the Anthonys’ and he cannot agree on things, and this with the hair brush. The supposed spokesperson Larry Garrison is now also estranged from them as he became aware of this hair brush matter, and was not pleased.

These documents are coming out by way of the way our government is set up. These will be made public now or later. The prosecutors and FBI have not appeared on talk shows or none have made any public appearances nor made any comments at all. It is strange that the defense does not want the gag order on the case. It seems that it would only behoove Baez defense team.

Cindy and George held press conference stating that they will continue to look into sightings. A tipster she said saw a girl on an airplane and was kicking the seat in front of her and said I want my mamma, you’re not my momma. They are trying to find the little girl that was sighted. They claim that no one is helping them as there is no follow up after a sighting has been made especially if it is out of state. Cindy said that she will try to find her if it is the last thing she does.

If I were the Anthonys’ I’d pay my daughter a visit in jail and get the real story! I’d let my daughter know that I will be singing to the authorities every lie she’s ever told.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey’s next appearance in court will be 12/5/08 for pre-trial motions.


2 responses to “Cindy Anthony Withheld Evidence?!

  1. i really hope this means that casey will get DEATH and at the very least her and her mother share the same cell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In light of today’s discovery of child size bones…….soon all things good or bad will come to an end……I hope that with this case, all those involved that knew things (evidentuary or not) will be brought to light.

      Thanks for chiming in! I appreciate all readers comments!

      Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
      Mary Caliendo

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