Denis Leary/Why We All Suck?!

Denis Leary, the Boston Red Sox fan, actor, comedienne, and author, penned a recent book that is sure to top the best seller list. Not because his writing belongs in the Literary Hall of Fame or because the story is intense or the characters are compelling; it will be  because of the controversy he will create!

Denis Leary has always caused a stir. Whether it was during his stand up acts, or talk show rants Mr. Leary has a way with words and often has lost friends,and er shall I say picked up a few! With this latest book Mr. Leary has brushed up against some touchy subjects. Kids. Actor’s children for that matter.  In this read Mr. Leary has some celebs. speaking up and sounding off!

His book has mentioned, in so many words that the children of stars are nothing more than spoiled rotten! Ouch! And that’s okay to say as we all somewhat spoil our kids too and you don’t have to be a celebrity either. So true enough! But Leary goes on to say that stars have a penchon for fibbing a bit while looking for an excuse for their vile children, even saying that a medical diagnosis was just what they are looking for! Huh? Yes, he says stars even say their children may even have autism!!! And use this diagnosis for a low-level medical excuse for bad or indifferent behavior!

You know it is catching and and several are sounding off!  While Denis Leary has issued an apology; he has stated that this apology is an apology for the way it has been interpreted. He says that the apology is not for what he has written! He does preface the book by saying that it is a comedy; we will see who is laughing in the end.

Will see what type of stir this causes but to reach out and say that autism is not real; I have to say that Denis Leary this is why you suck!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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