Hudson Family Murder Suspect Arrested!

Something more than turkey to be thankful for, the Chicago Police have finally arrested William Balfour! The Hudson family murders occurred when  on October 24,2008 the body’s of the mother and the brother of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson were found. Then on October 27, 2008, little Julian King, 7 years old, was discovered in the back seat of the then missing SUV belonging to the slain brother Jason!

Two days after the 7 year old Julian was discovered, a gun was found nearby where the SUV had been parked. The 45 caliber gun was then tied to the crimes. And the public began an outcry to have the murders solved because of the heinousness of it, and the fact that we all felt the sorrow that Jennifer Hudson was going through.

Police arrested Balfour in the Statesville prison where he has been held for violation of his parole. The police have been quoted saying that they have painstakingly have collected a great amount of physical evidence. And Balfour’s now girlfriend claimed that he has confessed to her that he had killed the Hudsons and she also said that she had seen the gun. Currently, the attorney for Balfour is refuting the accusations against his client saying that Balfour’s girlfriend is not credible as a witness as she takes drugs and anything else he can think of to discredit her. She also claimed that his motive was that his estranged girlfriend, Julia Hudson had ongoing domestic struggles with him and was thrown out of the Hudson residence that very morning of October 27, 2008.

Lets hope that this case will go forward to trial and that Ms Jennifer Hudson will have closure and peace.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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