A Door-Buster Can Get You Killed!

Black Friday means more to me than just door buster sales for Christmas, Black Friday means a dark event to me. And it should to you too. The god awful trampling death of the Walmart employee is unbelievable!

There is no excuse for people to have total disregard for the next human being, but it happened. The 34 year old named Jdimytai Damour opened the doors to utter chaos!  In through those doors rushed a mob of incensed people, crazed and determined to be first! First for what? To buy a TV cheap? To get a game for your children?  Sorry but I think that people need to set their priorities in other directions. This country is screwed up! The very fact that you could trample someone and continue on your mission with out ever stopping to look back, even full knowing what just happened boggles my mind!

When others employees tried to come to the aid of Jdimytai, they were also severely injured as well!

The crowd was out of control. And when it was announced that the store was closing due to the fact that employee was just killed at the door, people in the store hollered and yelled and were moaning!

It has been widely reported that the surveillance tapes of the store are being analyzed to see if any identification can be made. I hope that something can come from this. I hope that people could learn from this. Our country needs to get a grip!  It is not so important that you get that sale item. If you cannot afford Christmas maybe it is not the right time to buy a big ticket item anyway. Stick to things that are cheaper and really learn what the meaning of Christmas is.

I know one thing, you all know who you are that did this, I hope that when you lay your head down to sleep at night always remember the face of that employee as he lay there dying at the door; I wonder how his kids Christmas will be this year?!

I’m not dying to get to the store, are you?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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