Casey Anthony Trial Delay?

As seen on the Nancy Grace show, forensic scientist that has been hired for the defense of Casey Anthony, Koblinsky says he hasn’t had the time or wasn’t given the time to examine and/or investigate the forensic evidence in the case.  Why not? He must be too busy trying to create doubt on the minds of a possible jury pool from the area. I sure hope investigators and the FBI will be closely monitoring everything and anything that anyone says on any talk show. Be it Nancy Grace, or Greta.

Casey Anthony trial is expected to officially begin on 1/05/09.  “Kobi” as Nancy Grace has nicknamed him, stated that the defense has not had enough time to prepare for the trial. And that he feels the Baez team will ask for a one month extension. Where is Mr. Lenamon? I think he is standing promptly behind Mr. Baez, and as if a puppeteer he is pulling the strings located on the back side of Mr. Baez! All the while sending Mr. Baez for face time in the media.

Cindy Anthony also recently claims that her personal e-mail was hacked! This apparently happening over the Thanksgiving holiday. Now the FBI is investigating her claim. Could be that Cindy is setting things up just like Casey did! Remember Cindy has allegedly been caught through an e-mail conversation not turning over Caylees hairbrush, but instead handing over Casey’s in an effort to divert or fool the FBI on the case. Remember that earlier in the case e-mails that were sent to Casey from Universal employees were deemed fake and it is found that most anyone can fudge fraudulent e-mails to themselves coming or going!

 It’s just a matter of time now. Either on 1/5/09, or one month later, the trial will begin and we will all be on pins and needles as we wait for the outcome of yet another of nature’s mysteries….How can a mother kill their own and especially over a guy? It continues to puzzle me!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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