Update on Casey Jailhouse Tapes

Of course nothing but the same!   George and Cindy Anthony pay a visit to their child in the clink!  I’m glad they went to visit finally it seemed weird that they hadn’t visited her. I think that, that may have been a type of defense mechanism, to have not visited. I truly believe that Cindy and George had tried their best and lost control of their wild child and still cannot get over the fact that little Caylee is not here and that their own flesh and blood had anything at all to do with it . I cannot imagine how that family must feel. I know however, I would’ve taped or not ,asked my child the poignant questions that surely needed to be asked. Or I would’ve done that in the privacy of my own home when she was out on bail. I personally would not have let it come to this point.

Casey does appear to have lied about anything and everything, it appears that at times when telling a lie was not necessary she told lies then too! Take those tapes on Nancy Grace Show, same thing nervous laughter and skirting around the questions, as usual.  Same old Casey. I agree with those on other sites who have reported that Casey was not answering her mother at times. I think that even pathetic pathological liars like her may even get mixed up and forget what they had said. That would be easy for Casey since her entire life revolved around nothing but lies.

Here’s to hoping justice will be swift and sweet and the maximum sentence be given. I hope that Casey would just come clean, I think she will have less of a burden to carry if she is forthcoming with the evidence so that  her (ours and theirs) little Caylee can be recovered and laid to rest properly. As I feel she desperately deserves that much.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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