Courting Michelle Obama

Every one that is anyone in the world of fashion is courting Michelle Obama. The beautiful First Lady Elect is stunning; she is a show stopper to begin with.  Have you seen the covers of the latest Essence, and Ebony magazines?

On Essence she is the picture of ultra-glam, the priceless princess and on the cover of Ebony she is again looking beautiful. But on Ebony she is more the lawyer. More about business. Does she take on the Jackie-O persona? How about Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or perhaps that of Princess Di.

I think that she is a little of each of these. She will exemplify all of what is good. The first Lady Elect is a younger than most of the other first Ladies and I think she will gladly take on causes and I think that we will see Michelle Obama just about everywhere, doing just about everything. She was already a woman on the top before her husband began to run for the highest job in the land. I think she already is “tough-enough” to take on visits from foreign dignitaries as well as future Olympians, or even the White House staff.

I think she will be all about education, the arts, as well as environmental issues. I cannot wait until 1/20/09, to see the promise of a new United States come to fruition. The First Lady and her husband the president will not only continue to grace the front pages of magazines, but be the forefront and lead the world into peace and harmony.

Until then we’ll keep busy seeing just who will make her beautiful inauguration gown!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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