Cindy and George Anthony on TV Tonight!

Please do not miss “the George and Cindy Show” on Larry King tonight! I am sure that they will (or Cindy) continually repeat over and over that they believe that Caylee is alive and that with this impending sighting and now today the filing of the subpoena for the airport tapes by Baez the attorney for Casey Anthony. As I reported on before that a woman witnessed a child in the airport screaming that the person the child was with was not her mommie, and that she wanted to go home and finally that her name was Caylee Marie.

The FBI has claimed they are no longer going to respond to the sightings as the evidence presents that the child is dead.  We will see what will take place. Leonard Padilla is commissioning yet another area search for the remains of the child. And finally since  the death penalty has been taken off the table, Attorny Terry Lenamon is no longer taking part in the Casey Anthony defense.

Whatever you do tonight clean your schedule and sit down to Larry King Tonight. Listen to Cindy and George Anthony as they speak. This is one show I don’t want to miss!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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