Illinois Governorship In Question

Yesterday in the early morning hours of the morning, US Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI took custody of the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich. The governor asked , Is this a joke? With the warrant in hand, he left and went before the judge and was charged with putting a price on the newly vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama.

Ever tarnished whether found guilty or not is this office.  Today Lt. Governor, Pat Quinn, who has distanced himself from Blago for a while now, stated to the effect of  the best thing that this governor can do is just step aside. It is best for our state, and that of the public interests.

He is also been accused of trying to get an editor or two fired at the Chicago Tribune Newspaper. It appears that the governor was using strong -arm tactics to force the hand of The Trib. to get rid of the editors because he did not like the stories that were being run about him. While listening to a spokesperson, Bruce Dold from the Editorial Board of the Trib. he simply stated that there are a lot of people that ask to have stories not run about them. This is not particularly unusual.

What however is unusual is, is the fact that the strong-arm tactics were being nudged by the governor himself! In what has continued to be over three years investigation the  only evidence appears that of taped conversations by way of the FBI started in early November of this year. The governor is still the governor of Illinois and still has the right and the power to choose this seat. It is unclear exactly what will take place regarding the open seat. It should, however, be filled by inauguration of Barack Obama in January. The best interests of the state need to be represented.

Is this just politics as usual or is this out of the ordinary? No, remember the state of Illinois already has an ex-governor in jail as we speak. George Ryan knew about Secretary of State giving  unlicensed drivers the right to drive in our state as well as the scam of kick backs and campaign money filtering. He knew so, now he is asking for clemency because his wife is frail. He has only served 19 months of his sentence. The answer should be a resounding NO!

Illinois wants a clean state. Illinois wants the bad guys to think twice if they want to run for office in this state! You better be on the straight and narrow if you think you will have an office here. No criminals or criminal thoughts allowed. Find another state.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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