Another Update on Caylee Anthony!

Instead of just the skull of the child being found, it is now being reported widely that an entire skeleton has been recovered. If this is not Caylee Anthony, it is someones missing child. This is a sad day no matter what way you look at it.

The wooded area in which the child size bones and skull were found was apparently only 15 houses away from George and  Anthony’s home. This area is well known to the average teenager as a place that some would “hang out” At one time during Casey Anthony high school years she had even hung out there! It is uncanny that a skeleton would be found so close to the Anthony home. Casey is seen on many tapes telling her parents “that I feel  she is so close by”! It is such an awful thing.  I happen to agree with Mr. Leonard Padilla who was on the Nancy Grace show earlier this evening, when he said God put this man there this morning and he picked up the bag.  It is a miracle, after all how many people would have walked right by and not pick up that bag?

Among the unconfirmed items mentioned today were that something was inside the bag that gave investigators the insight that this may be Caylee. They have not released this at this time. It was also reported that there was duct tape involved and that possibly it was over the mouth of the skull, or perhaps even around the head itself. Again this has not been confirmed!

It has been said that George and Cindy Anthony were informed, and that they will appear on Larry King again and that will be tomorrow.

Will continue with updates as we get them.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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