Evidence Taken From Anthony Home

Overnight, the home of Cindy and George Anthony was served warrant for search forevidence in the case of missing toddler Caylee Anthony. The home is once again part of a crime scene. Investigators and FBI took several boxes and bags as well as three vacuums and one pesticide sprayer tank.

The investigators have been quoted as saying there was evidence collected at the scene of area where the skeletal remains of the child was found as being connected to the Anthony home and Casey Anthony. When investigators were asked on the scene if indeed they thought that this was Caylee, their response was a resounding “very well could be”. Duct tape, as well as black garbage bags were positively linked to the Anthony’s home.

Lets hope that something will be completely definative (for example fingerprints, or other DNA )evidence that fully puts Casey Anthony on the scene as well as on or near the skeletal remains. This way Cindy, George, Lee, and Casey cannot blame someone else. As reported yesterday Casey Anthony broke down in jail and was said to be distraught. And then she had to be sedated. I hope that she is searching deeply within her soul at this point, so that when the trial begins she will have told her parents, or brother, or lawyer the truth and perhaps the trial will not last long and all of the questions that are needed to be answered will be.

Casey is still focused on herself. Her psychological view on herself and those around her may help in determining the outcome of this case. Cindy and George had appeared (on tapped jailhouse tapes) to me to be  somewhat  pulling away from her. I think possibly believing that it is possible that their daughter is capable of this and more likely did this.

More updates as they happen, Still scheduled are Cindy and George Anthony on Larry King this evening. And everyone knows Nancy Grace will have a full head of steam on this one!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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