Casey Anthony This Is A Sad Day!

Updates and breaking news in the case of the little toddler Caylee Anthony are many, but first and foremost this is a very sad day! It is unfortunate that this little girl had endured a life with that of a cold hearted, andd loveless mother!

The facts are coming to light and some are being reported on in the news media.  Sheriffs deputies are “confident” that these remains are Caylee. Why? And how can that be said without an official autopsy? Because there are no current missing children in the area the same size, or the same time missing, the anthropological measurements matched that of Caylee. And the hair color was also correct.

Some other things that were reported on that will impact and may change the charges in the end, are the skull was found to have duct tape over the mouth! The body was found with no clothes on. This was done by someone who had forethought about what that person was going to do. In other words premeditation!

Other things that are happening with the case are that the investigators took out 2 cans of pesticide and also pillows  as well; along with everything else I previously had written about . Obviously with the vacuums that were taken already, these are things that could provide DNA, hair evidence, and perhaps some types of fibers. While the defense team is assembling, Jose Baez asked the judge if they could observe the autopsy of the found remains. They were unequivocally denied! Jose Baez is trying to assemble a “dream team” to defend Casey Anthony. At this point those who have jumped into the fray are: Dr. Henry Lee, Linda K. Baden, Dr. Spitz, and of course “Kobi” Kobilinsky as seen on Nancy Grace, and a couple of others. These are all forensic type doctors and investigators who will attempt to  try to rip apart the prosecution by casting doubt on the found evidence. But that is just that, the evidence will speak for itself. Caylee will tell what happened! I am hoping that Casey left fingerprints on that duct tape. That will be the icing on the cake!

Ms. Linda K. Baden is seen on TV saying that if it is proven that this is the body of Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony is still the mother of this child and she has the right to view her remains,bury her remains, and determine what is to be done with the remains!  Oh my goodness! If it is proven that this is Caylee ,that cold hearted mother Casey, she left that little girl out there and she didn’t care all these months. Why would she care now? Plus don’t you lose your rights when you become an inmate?

It is a sad day for sure! One that in a way is  bittersweet. We have all longed for the baby to be discovered one way or the another, but now that the day is here it is a sad one. I hope that Cindy and George Anthony can have closure, and now get help so that they may face this trial. And possible obstruction charges in the future for themselves! These poor people did their best to sway the public opinion about their daughter, because their hearts hurt so bad. I hope that their judgement was not impaired when they washed things, lied about things, and continued to deny things.

It would be ever so sad that they would serve time for wanting this to all go away! But this case and now the trial will take perhaps the next full year!

I said this before, I hope that Casey Anthony will search her soul and let go of the lies and just save everyone time and heartbreak including herself and end this right now!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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