Casey Anthony/There’s a Trail of Bones!

Update! Each day there’s a little bit  more of evidence, and each day a bit more sadness. Casey I thought the other day was the sad day, but even more today….

It has been reported that now there are other bones located in the dense little patch of forest where the possible remains of little Caylee had been found!  More bones, however, means more evidence and more DNA. There will be no denial in the end. Although there is a tight-lipped investigation going on, and news media observers are many, bits of information has seeped  out.  It appears that the skull of the child had been wrapped in duct tape. That means that it appears that the nose and mouth were covered. Prompting thoughts of premeditation. Sheriff Kevin Barry stated that there was some kind of covering in the bag. It has been reported that the childs’ skeleton had no clothing on originally, and now it is unclear if the skeleton had clothes on or if clothes were also recovered from the bag.

Some in the news media have reported that the skull being in the bag and  then wrapped in the duct tape and underwater presents the possibility that preservation would be good. And that the duct tape was wrapped tightly and that there may be some soft tissue left, as well as fibers, and fingerprints. We can only hope that it does reveal the person that put the tape on that skeleton. We hope that it will put Casey Anthony at the scene of this tragic death.

The family of  Caylee Anthony have exhibited some bizarre or even irrational behavior. It is most likely that the new attorney that Cindy and George Anthony have retained is advising them to not visit Casey in prison, because everything is being scrutinized and taped. Everything and anything should be used against them in the court of law. Lee Anthony has surfaced and did not like the memorial placed in front of the Anthony home. He pulled it out of the ground in front of all the cameras and  in full view of peopleas they were asking in the background, something to the effect of… why are you taking that down?

The Anthony’s are feeling very intimidated and most likely very sad. Their acceptance of the awful truth must be extremely devastating! I hope that they can come out okay after all is said and done. It was also noted that a private investigator was hired by the Anthony’s to come over to the house and sweep it for bugs!  Bugs of the kind that spy and tape! He was checking to make sure that while the Anthony’s were away on their trip to the California area, that no electronic devices were planted in or around their home.

Leonard Padilla appeared on the Nancy Grace show touting a theory, that sounds far-fetched, however, if the Anthony’s do try to use a theory that was mentioned on the Nancy Grace show won’t that look suspicious?  He is using the theory that the Anthony’s will just claim that Zani did this! And that the duct tape was placed on post-mortem. That seems unlikely. But we hope and pray that Casey left prints on that tape or somehow puts herself there on the scene. I am hoping that she wasn’t as good as she thought. I really think that slimeball Casey thought she (Caylee) would not ever be found! And in her own mind she would “get away with it”, even though she is sitting in jail right now. Somehow as twisted as it seems, it seems like something like that would make sense to Casey.

The Anthony’s are proving to be somewhat delusional! This case is going forward with a full head of steam. And the proscution will not stop until whoever (Casey) has been convicted of the crime of killing her child.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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